In harmony with nature

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A bathroom in the country house style offers water indulgence in unison with nature. Installed in a favourite spot, this personalised spa haven invites you to relax and enjoy yourself. Thanks to natural materials such as wood or stone, the original ambience blends seamlessly into a modern architecture. The concept of an enclosed space has been done away with, so the bathroom is connected to the scenery.

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Nature-inspired bathroom in the country house style

whatever works catalog dildos in the modern country house style, for unadulterated enjoyment in harmony with nature

Would you like a bathroom in the country house style in your favourite location? For the best effect, use the unspoilt character of materials such as wood or stone. Use these to create a feel-good space that will always provide a link to your favourite place on earth. Modern architecture creates scope for creative bathroom design. The original bathing area in the natural ambience of an alpine hotel inspires personalised bathroom concepts. Original: a free-standing bath tub in the inviting environment of an open terrace. The rustic bath panelling is in keeping with the floor boards and creates a warm atmosphere. Protected by a wall of neatly stacked firewood, a bathroom in front of an imposing mountain panorama offers double the enjoyment.

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A bathroom with a free-standing bath tub offers am unimpeded panoramic view and integrates seamlessly into a natural environment. With their modern design, the mixers in the main squeeze stroker Metris range create appealing contrasts to the original ambience. Purist forms can be flexibly adapted to your design requirements. Innovative technology is concealed inside the mixer, enabling you to enjoy water in comfort and to use precious resources in a responsible way.
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